At Studio Kailash, we give you several options to purchase your class passes. You may consider either a membership or monthly unlimited pass, or one of our many class pass bundles.

If you are new to our studio, we also have ‘Intro’ pass options for you to avail of.


Monthly Membership (Auto-Renew)

If you attend two or more classes per week on regular basis and yoga is now part of your weekly rhythm, this membership might be right for you. Many of our members enjoy around 5 – 6 classes per week, with the flexibility of trying out new classes as they are added. 

If you’re able to commit to a 3-months as a minimum you save an additional $10 each month. Perks include 10% off our workshops, one guest pass per month and special prices on personalized wellness sessions. These sessions are offered through Shakti Wellness, a part of Studio Kailash. Your special pricing for wellness sessions may be extended to immediate family.

For the months of April – June, the unlimited recurring pass is priced at $69.99 / month. The prices will return to $99 starting in July.

Single Month Unlimited Pass

Attend as many classes as you wish on your unlimited pass for $109. This pass does not auto-renew. 

This might work well for those who are able to attend at least two classes per week. 

Your unlimited month pass comes with our membership perks for the month that your pass is current. Receive 10% discounts on our workshops, one guest pass for each month and special pricing on private therapeutic sessions with Shakti Wellness.

Class Passes

Please use code LIVEHEALTHY at checkout to get a 20% discount on the 5, 8, 12 & 20 class passes.

Note: "Validity" indicates the duration the passes are valid after purchase.
Livestream Yoga Drop-In$111 month$11
Replay Video Pass$512 months$5
Intro Drop-In$131 month$13
Intro 5 for $25$252 weeks$5
Drop-in (existing customers)$171 month$17
4 Class Pass$663 months$16.50
5 Class Pass$754 months$15.00
8 Class Pass$1084 months$13.50
12 Class Pass$1595 months$13.25
20 Class Pass$2306 months$11.50